New Nightmares from the Best Haunted Attraction in Utah

13 Levels of Fear

You are traveling to another dimension; a dimension of fear and screams. In this journey you will encounter your most recognizable fears: cannibalistic clowns, demons of hell, rotting corpses of the grave and slithering serpents from the dark depths are just a few of the nightmares from your imagination about to unfold. Next stop 13 Levels of Fear!

Dark Harvest 13th

Dark Harvest takes place underneath the Harvest Moon. When you start treading through this nightmare beware the scarecrows for they are only warding you off for the evil that is to come. You’ll soon realize that the most rotten of seeds has been planted on this dark old farm. Move fast before his vines ensnare you. The harvest has begun and YOU are the bounty.

Mutant 2013

In this mutated nightmare you’ll quickly realize why the military tried to quarantine all that had come in contact with this biohazard waste. No prison on earth could contain the rage that is released from coming in contact with this living parasitic goop. It twists and mutates its victims into raging juggernauts whose only desire is to smash and kill. Your only escape from the mutants is through the most electrifying of endings.

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Hope we haven’t scared you… yet.

Pick a weekend and let your nightmare begin at Salt Lake City’s Scariest Haunted House, Nightmare on 13th!

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