Nightmare on 13th presents three all new, never before seen Nightmares for the 2014 season! Which one will give you the most terrifying fright? Find out for yourself…

Swamp Blood - All New Nightmare


Swamp Blood

In the deep swamps of Cajun country, the gators are the least of your worries in this nightmare. Wade carefully through the reeds and make sure not to be seen, for the black magic folk of the Swamp will hex you without a thought in mind, only to hand you over to the Voodoo Queen herself, who possesses the blackest of all powers - the power to raise the victims of the swamp to do her bidding. So heed these warnings or your bones will join theirs.

Delirium - All New Nightmare


In this discombobulating nightmare, the all-seeing, all mighty Eye has a world of challenges and riddles that will question your very sanity. From freaks of nature to being swallowed alive, the only way to survive his crazy riddles is to slip to the back of your mind where the answers to delirium lie!

Haunted Hollywood - All New Nightmare

Haunted Hollywood

Horror steps off the big screen and onto the back lot of Nightmare Studios. There, you will be transported to scenes from the most iconic horror films of all time. Take a walk through Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Trick ‘r Treat, Silent Hill, Beetlejuice, Hellraiser, and many more. Can you survive this jam-packed Hollywood nightmare?

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