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3 Nightmare Pass: $22

Includes access to 3 all new Nightmares.

The 3 Nightmare Pass is our most basic ticket that includes access to see and be spooked, frightened, and terrified throughout the entire haunted house, which includes all three of our 2014 Nightmares:  Swamp Blood, Delirium, and Haunted Hollywood. Come out and experience for yourself why Nightmare on 13th has been called “the scariest haunted house in Utah” with this great price.

VIP 3 Nightmare Pass: $37

Skip the lines!

Nightmare on 13th’s VIP 3 Nightmare Pass is the perfect option for those who really just can’t hold their horses to get scared, since the VIP Pass allows you to skip the lines. That’s right – instead of waiting in a long line and becoming more and more anxious about the fate of your night, get right to it and find out sooner with the VIP ticket. Like the 3 Nightmare Pass, the VIP 3 Nightmare Pass includes access to the entire haunted house. But before you come and pay full price at the door checkout the VIP online Special!

VIP Online Special: $22

Skip the lines…for FREE!

Since you’re already here on our website, you may as well buy your tickets now. Why? Because if you buy the VIP Online Special, you will get upgraded to VIP for FREE! This means that you will be able to skip the lines (including the line to buy tickets at the door) and live up to your new “Very Important Person” status while everyone in the back of the line keep's waiting (and waiting).

Group Rate (Online Only)

3 Nightmare Pass: $13 (Monday-Thursday only, minimum of 20 tickets)


Got a big group? Great - the more the merrier! To prove that statement, we’re happy to provide discounted tickets to groups of 20 or more who want to spend their evening screaming their lungs out in unison at Nightmare on 13th. Group rate tickets mimic the 3 Nightmare Passes in that they allow you to access the entire haunted attraction. The group discount is only available with online purchase, and is only valid on weekdays from Monday through Thursday.


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