Nightmare On 13th

Utah’s Legendary Haunted Attraction

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Nightmare On 13th Attraction Dark Ride Of Terror


This classic dark ride full of gags has been around for 30 years. It is definitely broken, run down, grimey and full of grungy carnival workers. The ride may be broken, but the carnies aren’t closing it down, so get to walking through and keep moving. Be careful it’s probably not safe walking through a ride and one of these carnies could be a killer!

Nightmare On 13th Attraction Nightmare Alley

Nightmare Alley

There's a Gothic world behind the gates of the Nightmare On 13th and a strange darkness has spread turning all who survive into their worst nightmares! Beware of the new monsters lurking in the rubble and streets!

Nightmare On 13th Attraction I-Scream


A group of killer clowns have decided it's time to go into business for themselves and have taken over an abandoned ice cream factory. Little do we know about what's inside of their new product...... I-SCREAM!!

While the clowns took over the factory and went into business last year, they have made some changes and added new things into the factory that will be sure to give you a bumpy ride you’ll never forget!

Nightmare On 13th New Castle Look

Nightmare Castle

The Nightmare Castle has long been an icon in Salt Lake City, but the time has come to make our building tower over 1300 South with a bigger, darker, and scarier looking presence than ever before!

Nightmare On 13th Attraction Nightmare Courtyard

Nightmare Courtyard

Come hang out with your friends and our monsters in this interactive courtyard that will give you a taste of the Nightmare to come.

Nightmare On 13th Attraction Helheim


This new Nightmare submerses you into the Norse Lore of Helheim. A dark underworld where only the dishonored dead live!

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