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New for 2018 

What unearthly horrors lurk within Nightmare on 13th this year? Allow us to shed a little light among the shadows for you! 

Make haste as you navigate the aquatic depths, for those who linger too long may fall victim to the treacherous tentacles of Cthulhu! The “Great Old One” has been awakened, and will not tolerate anyone foolishly trespassing in his realm. 

Hiding among the droves of decaying bones of the ossuary, are bloodthirsty creatures of the night, waiting anxiously for their next meal to wander into their midst. Only the fortunate will escape their embrace! 

It is an egregious error to enter the dark labyrinth of the mine; for here, the goblins harvest and horde their precious stones. Any who dare to venture near their treasure, will suffer unspeakable consequences when captured! 

This, of course, is but a taste of the fearsome feast that awaits within the walls. So, come witness for yourself all the reasons why Nightmare on 13th continues to be a “haunt” above the rest! 

You're not too scared, are you?

Nightmare on 13th

The Nightmare on 13th is well known for constantly changing. We work year around to create highly realistic sets and over the top special effects that our guests have come to expect over 29 years. We have been regarded as one of the top haunted attractions in the nation and have been featured on the Travel Channel, USA Today,, Hauntworld and many other publications.



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