10 Most Common Fears

Are you afraid of snakes, spiders, or heights? You’re not alone. Phobias effect about 10% of the adult population. In America that makes up tens of millions, and in the world hundreds of millions! Here at Nightmare on 13th we will delve into what people are truly afraid of.

10. Mysophobia

The fear of germs or dirt.

9. Pteromerhanophobia

The fear of flying. Even though flying is the safest mode of travel, logic does little to calm this fear.

8. Social Phobias

These lead many people to avoid social events all together. Luckily, you can go through Nightmare on 13th by yourself…

7. Trypanophobia

The fear of injections. This also includes giving blood, and other things requiring needles.

6. Astraphobia

The Fear of thunder and lightning. Not just dogs suffer from this fear, it terrifies many people.

5. Cynophobia

The fear or dogs, often resulting from a bad childhood experience.

4. Agoraphobia

The fear of situations that are difficult to escape from. Ever have a dream where you tried to run but couldn’t? Now that is a terrifying experience!

3. Acrophobia

The fear of heights. Ever stand on the edge of a cliff and feel your heart pound? People who have this fear don’t just have a racing heart, but suffer panic attacks.

2. Ophidiophobia

The fear of snakes. Indiana Jones isn’t the only one who has a morbid fear of these reptiles.

1. Arachnophobia

The fear of spiders. This fear plagues more people than any other. Most spiders are quite harmless and won’t attack unless provoked, but its very presence can send many into hysterics.

When it comes to haunted houses though, and especially from our own observations. Most people are afraid of clowns. This fear is only growing as the years pass by and is actually hurting many jobs that offer clowns for hire. Other things that people are afraid of in haunted houses are chainsaws, the dark, zombies, Jason, Freddy, Samara from the Ring, etc…

Many of these fears are irrational, and deep down we know that these things aren’t truly dangerous or a threat. There’s something thrilling about seeing what we fear and overcoming it.

We won’t tell you which ones are found at Nightmare on 13th! Come see for yourself this Saturday April the 13th! You will confront many of these common fears.

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