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This nightmare takes you back to the origins of “Swamp Blood.” It all started in Black Water, an old rotting Louisianna Delta town, that is home to the Hoodoo Queen who protects the unsavory characters and wandering pirates from anyone that could endanger the secret existence of Black Water.

Beware of what could be lurking in the shadows and do not anger the Queen or she may curse you with her Black Magic!


On a forgotten mountain top in the Himalayas, there’s a snow and ice covered ruin dedicated to the beast that brings the deep freeze of winter. It is said that he is guarded by his servants that are locally known as Yetis but, they will be the least of your problems if you encounter the monster’s icy breath. Tread lightly through this temple, for the ice that holds it together is fragile and can crumble, sending you into the icy heart of the mountain!


There’s a Gothic world behind the gates of the Nightmare On 13th and a strange darkness has been spreading, turning all who survive into their worst nightmares!

Over the past year, the Darkness has spread even farther and the monsters of the Nightmare world are beginning to gather at the church in the city center to worship the Great Pumpkin, the bringer of screams which is the life force that fuels all monstsers. Do not interupt their ritual or it may plunge you deeper into this waking nightmare!


This classic dark ride full of gags has been around for 30 years. It is definitely broken, run down, grimey and full of grungy carnival workers. The ride may be broken, but the carnies aren’t closing it down, so get to walking through and keep moving. Be careful it’s probably not safe walking through a ride and one of these carnies could be a killer!


A group of killer clowns have decided it’s time to go into business for themselves and have taken over an abandoned ice cream factory! They also got their hands on an ice cream truck so watch out for that, wouldn’t want to get ran over! They are announcing new flavors weekly but little do we know about what ingredients they are using inside of their new product……



When the northern lights are in the skies, the veil between our world and the world of Helheim is at its thinnest. Tread lightly through this Nordic Nightmare for Hel, the Goddess of Death, is gathering her army and preparing for Ragnarok.

The Howling

Prepare to be immersed in a horrifying Necropolis where a vicious war between werewolves and vampires rages on. Careful…or you may become an innocent victim…


This Lovecraft-ian nightmare leaves you abandoned on the island of R’lyeh, amongst terrifying temple ruins and fish-like monstrosities. The Old One slumbers here… Dreaming… Waiting for the Call of Cthulhu!


Two sisters shunned for witchcraft by the town of Sleepy Hollow seek revenge for the burning of their third sister. Not only do they call forth the Headless Horseman to help burn and ravage the town, but they unleash a new magical hex that will curse anyone who gets in their path!


Black Thorn Manor has been taken over by demonic spirits. They search tirelessly for their next soul to steal. Tread carefully through these cursed halls…


Deep beneath our feet is a dark cavernous world where the creatures of the dark live. They mine the earth for its treasures in search of The Void!


Deep on the outskirts of Black Water lives a beast, feared by all the locals. This beast has grown abnormally large due to the Hoodoo queens black magic. But be careful of her precious pet or your blood will fill this bloody swamp!


For years the Dark Harvest has grown and increased the power of the Harvester. He has successfully stitched his army together, but his greatest Seed of Evil has just been planted. What will come of it?

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