Utah’s Legendary Haunted Attraction

March, Friday the 13th is postponed

Complying with Utah’s no mass gathering ban, we are postponing our Friday the 13th event until May 15th, 2020 

All tickets purchased for this March Friday the 13th event will be valid and honored on May 15th, 2020 

We are very sorry for the unfortunate inconvenience. Thank you for being such loyal fans of the Nightmare On 13th. The wait will be well worth it with big changes and new scares!!!


Our Attractions

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A new separate multisensory attraction that plunges you into the darker side of the Nightmare.


This new Nightmare submerses you into the Norse Lore of Helheim. A dark underworld where only the dishonored dead live!

Nightmare Castle

The Nightmare Castle has long been an icon in Salt Lake City, but the time has come to make our building tower over 1300 South with a bigger, darker, and scarier looking presence than ever before!


A group of killer clowns have decided it's time to go into business for themselves and have taken over an abandoned ice cream factory. Little do we know about what's inside of their new product...... I-SCREAM!!

Nightmare Courtyard

Come hang out with your friends and our monsters in this interactive courtyard that will give you a taste of the Nightmare to come.

Nightmare Theatre

A one of a kind Disney-esque pre-show packed full of animatronics, scares, and amazing special effects.

Best haunted house in the country. They continually change it every year so it’s always fresh and new.


Ian S.

One of the best haunted houses ever


J V.

WOW. What an amazing experience. They go all out and the production value is off the charts. They don’t rely on jump scares or gore alone. They have really great fleshed out themes and storylines. Amazing set pieces and costumes. Bravo, money well spent.


Corey R.

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