Nightmare On 13th has been around for over 33 years and has had thousands of performers and staff that have helped us become the legendary haunted house we are today, but we are always looking for the next big talent to join our SCREAM TEAM!

Whether you’re into the thrill of scaring people or are interested in helping our amazing customers, there is guaranteed to be a job that fits you with over 150 paid positions!

So if you’re interested in joining our SCREAM TEAM, fill out the application below and come to one of our casting calls to meet us in person!


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Nightmare on 13th hours of operation are from 5:30pm-1am depending on the night.
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Please read these terms and select yes in the box below if you certify that you understand this application is not intended to be any kind of contract or agreement. In the event of employment, you understand that any faults or misleading information given during your application, correspondence, discussions, or interviews may result in immediate termination. Understand that you are required to abide by all rules, regulations, and policies of the Nightmare on 13th. By agreeing to these terms it authorizes Nightmare on 13th to conduct a criminal background check and/or potentially do random drug tests if we deem it necessary.

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