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Experience Nightmare on 13th main attraction with no scares, all atmosphere! All the incredible scenery and props lit up without anything scaring you.

Great for kids, families, and the Halloween loving scaredy cats out there!

Due to the nature of being a haunted house, the scenery, props, and lower levels of lighting, may still be scary, unsettling, or unpleasant for some.

Each ticket includes (1) Nightmare on 13th branded trick or treat bag. Redeemable in our retail shop.

This attraction does not include access to the Nighttime main attraction or Institute of Terror.


What is Day Haunt?

A family-friendly, Halloween packed experience. You will tour the main attraction in full show lighting without the jumps or scares – JUST FUN! All the incredible scenery and props lit up without things scaring you.

Are kids free?

No, the only children we allow in without a ticket are “babes in arms.” Basically, if you are carrying your (very young) child through the haunt then they don’t require a ticket, if they are walking through then each child requires a ticket. 

Is it good for kids?

This experience was designed to be family and kid-friendly. However, it is still a haunted house and the scenery and props may still be frightening to some.

What's Included?

Your ticket includes admission for one to go through the main attraction without any jumps, scares, or actors. It also includes (1) Nightmare on 13th branded Trick or Treat bag. 

How do I get tickets?

You can purchase tickets HERE

Where is Day Haunt located?

The day haunt goes throughout the main attraction.

How much does it cost?

Tickets are $19.95 per person. We do not have kids’ pricing. 

Is it scary?

No. This experience is meant to be fun and entertaining for Halloween lovers that don’t like being scared. 

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