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February 13th Friday The 13th Event Recap

Posted on 2/17/2015

February Friday The 13th

Last month marked the first time we here at Nightmare On 13th Haunted House opened for full operation on a Friday The 13th in February. And it was phenomenal! Fun, screams, and scares were in full force.

For years our loyal customers have asked us to open periodically throughout the year. Unfortunately, with the construction inside, we’ve never been able to make it work. But with some careful tweaking of our timeline we have been able to give the people what they want and still be able to produce the show we are known for! And based on turnout and you the fans’ satisfaction, our big opening didn’t disappoint!

This opening included three new rooms with fully loaded scarefactor. And from what we heard as everyone exited the haunted house these new rooms were some of the favorites! Our staff were curious to hear who were your favorite actors of the night and the winners: Leatherface, Scarecrow, and Samara (the little girl from The Ring)!

February was such a success, that we’re opening this March 13th with new rooms and even more larger-than-life scares for you Salt Lake City! Don’t cheat your luck this Friday the 13th and spend a night with your favorite spooks. We’ll be selling tickets and scaring 7:30 PM until 11 PM. Buy your tickets now and skip the line! See you all in a week!