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during our standard operating season (Sep-Nov), we offer discounted ticket pricing for groups of 20 people or more on select weekdays (we do not offer group pricing on weekends or blackout dates).

Group pricing is automatically available on our ticketing page – simply click on the day you are looking for group pricing to see if it’s there. if you do not see it on the date you select it means that group pricing is not available on that day.

click below to purchase tickets for your group.

*Please note we cannot make any exceptions to the rules listed above. if you need tax exempt group tickets please contact us at*

“We’ve been bringing our family here for the last 5 years. we bring all of our extended family so we have quite a large group. we love nightmare on 13th and are so happy we have this yearly tradition in our family.”

Cindy L.

2023 Guest

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