Haunted Houses Make A Great Date

Haunted Houses are one of the best dates you could ever go on. Many times while going on a date, especially the first one. The guy is thinking about how to make the first move, how to hold her hand, put his arm around her, etc…

Well, going to Nightmare on 13th (a haunted house) bypasses all of that, because the girl will make the first move. She will instinctively hold onto you, she will grab your hand, etc… The only move you have to make is bringing her to Nightmare on 13th on Friday, March 13th, then we’ll scare her right into your arms. True love at first scare.

But there’s more than meets the eye. There is some serious chemistry going on behind the scenes. Adrenaline inducing activities such as haunted houses create the same chemical reactions as being infatuated does. Palms get sweaty, heart beat rises, and all the senses are heightened. When this happens, the natural tendency is to attribute its causation to whatever or whoever is closest.

So if you’re in your date’s line of sight as her heart races, she won’t blame the chainsaw coming at her, she’ll convince herself that you’re a heartthrob.

You need to act quickly though, because research shows that the period of ‘excitation’ subsides shortly after the scary stimulus (whether it be a roller coaster, scary movie, or haunted house).

This could explain why girls fall for the “dangerous” guys, the ones who drive fast cars and motorcycles. The excitement they feel from the danger will be misattributed to attraction to the other person.

So this Friday, March 13th make sure to get down to Nightmare on 13th with a date, and make something magical happen. This will be your last chance to see last years Nightmares Delirium, Haunted Hollywood, and Swamp Blood.

Many people wish that haunted houses open all year long, and now is your chance to embrace your fears and get down to Nightmare on 13th!

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