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Institute of Terror

This is a separate 2nd Attraction included with Combo Tickets or VIP Level Tickets!

What happens when you spend too much time in your Nightmares?? PURE MADNESS!  An Insanely horrifying thunderstorm is pounding outside the Institute of Terror. The storm has knocked the power out and the patients are now free, roaming about the dark corridors of this asylum. 

These patients are not your normal patients, they all suffer a unique psychosis where they are terrorized by what they have seen in their dreams and the thunderstorm is only making them crazier.

Welcome to the institute of terror.


What is Institute of terror?

A separate 2nd attraction that is more intense and interactive.

Will I be touched?

NO!! We do not touch our guests!

Can I buy a ticket separate?

No, you cannot buy an individual ticket to this attraction. You must purchase a VIP level ticket or Combo ticket to get into this attraction.

Where is Institute of Terror located?

We created a new space just for this attraction that is located inside the same building as the main haunted house.

We did not remove any part of the main haunted house for this attraction.

Is this part of the haunted house?

It is located in the same building but is a separate 2nd attraction 

How much does it cost?

It is included in the purchase price of any VIP level ticket or Combo ticket.

Do I have to wait in line again?

Yes, there is a separate line for this 2nd attraction. However, the line is typically shorter since not all guests go through this attraction. 

Is it scary?

Yes! But we’ll leave that up to you to decide…

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