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It's Friday The 13th!

Posted on 2/12/2015

It’s Friday The 13th once again, and while most of you are avoiding ladders, mirrors, and black cats, we are embracing the nature of the beast. Whether its superstitions, scares, or the brooding man in the lake, we welcome all this day has to offer with open arms. And into our arms do all these things run.

Aside from Halloween, today marks the most fun day of the year for any spooky kid! As such, the Nightmare On 13th Crew are living to the fullest today. And if there’s something we love (other than the zesty mint flavor of fake blood) it’s a good prank. Recently while browsing the internet we ran across a video from Prankkbros. They had a real Jason Voorhees come out of the lake at a local summer camp. Anytime a camper or counselor would come near the water for camp activities Jason would arise from the dark depths of the lake. Brilliant? We think so! These guys have got us wondering where to buy a campground. Or at least have us considering putting a lake in where the parking lot lay!

Would you consider pulling this on your friends? Or are you more the one Jason would be coming after? Either way, come experience Friday the 13th with Utah’s No.1 Haunted House. Bring your friends for our first one night only spooktacular. We’ve got some new tricks and some old treats awaiting your arrival! Doors open 7:30pm and close at 11pm. At the very least, watch this video and enjoy the day!