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Learn About Friday The 13th

Posted on 2/9/2015

When it comes to superstitions, Friday the 13th is regarded as the most common among believers. It’s a day that comes and goes with no seeming regularity and proves to be the worst day or the best day for those who believe in luck. At Nightmare on 13th Haunted House, we find it maintains a status of ‘lucky’ for us; perhaps due to its mysterious and spooky origins. But what about Friday the 13th is scary? Why does it seem to bring or take fortune more than any other day? Is there a formula for when it occurs? We’ve looked into all your Friday the 13th FAQs. 

Though there is no clear origin for why Friday the 13th is considered scary or evil , we can draw from beliefs of the past as to how this superstition took root. Dating back to at least the 1900’s, Fridays were considered to be the most unlucky day of the week. Separately, the number 13 has always been associated with unpleasantries. Combined, people believed they would create a negative energy so great no single person would make it out unharmed. And harm is, of course, something we all fear. Word travels and superstitions continue and still today are people leery of this day.

Many dread Friday the 13th and label it the worst day for luck. Others revere Friday the 13th  as the luckiest day(s) of their year. But is there any truth to either of these accusations? The answer is a big whopping NO. Like any other day of the year, it’s all about what you make of it. Good things and bad things happen when they happen and the day of the week or the date have absolutely nothing to do with it. We know, we’re disappointed too!

As for a formula for when it occurs? Yes! There are between one-three Friday the 13ths every year. The cycle runs every 28 years and looks like this for non-leap years and leap years:

Patterns for non leap-years:

January October

February March November

April July




September December

Patterns for leap years:

January April July

February August

March November



September December


Want to celebrate the 14th year in this cycle? Come to Nightmare on 13th this Feburay 13th and cheers this old superstition with some screams!