Nightmare on 13th’s 2014 Visit to TransWorld’s Halloween and Attractions Show


In late March, the Nightmare on 13th crew headed to St. Louis, MO for the 19th annual Halloween and Attractions Show hosted by TransWorld – and oh man, was it AWESOME!

TransWorld’s Halloween and Attractions show is the only industry trade show of its kind in the world. It’s amazing because there is no other show that has as many exhibitors and industry-related products. Unfortunately, this means that anyone who doesn’t work in the Halloween attractions industry can’t attend. We think this is why we are so lucky.

This year, we had a record of 8 team members come along on the “work trip” (was it really ‘work’?) to attend special seminars, learn new tricks of the trade, and scour the show floor for all of the latest and greatest Halloween props in the industry.

Check out some of the cool stuff we saw:

To round out the long weekend, we had to lug back a bunch of checked bags full of freaky, gruesome, and just-plain weird props; probably not the best things to bring through airport security! 

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