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The Benefits of Being Scared

Posted on 2/12/2015

Getting Scared. Being Scared. The feeling is something all of our haunted house customers seek. But are there actual benefits from being scared other than a good time with friends? The answer is yes! We’ve uncovered the medical reasons why all you thrill seekers come to see us every year and why you really love what we do! 

Throughout the year, we all search for excitement. Some jump out of planes, some ride roller coasters, and some watch scary movies. No matter how you seek it, the experience is the same: elevated heartbeat, adrenaline rushing, palms perspiring. When the adrenaline starts rushing through your body and to your brain, the brain releases amounts of dopamine and endorphins*.

Dopamine works like a reward system. Your body craves its release and reads it as a positive reward for doing what it should.  Your body and mind are happy when dopamine is released and like any reward we receive, we work harder to achieve more.

Endorphins are molecules that kill pain. When activity (such as the jumping when scared) occurs, your body’s natural reaction is to dull the feeling of pain and go into an incredibly focused state. When there is no actual pain to dull, what you feel is pleasure.

Human nature is to seek things that make us feel good both emotionally and physically. Scaring is a very prevalent and easily accessed thing many of us participate in. If you love the rush of adrenaline when you see a monster or run for your life from a chainsaw wielding madman, come see us at The Nightmare on 13th in Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday, February 13th 2015. We know what really scares you!