The Origin of Friday The 13th

Why is it unlucky when the 13th falls on a Friday? We’re going to delve into the history of a rather recent superstition, there is no written evidence before the 19th century. Friday has long been regarded as an unlucky day for embarking on journey’s or starting new projects. This dates back to the 14th century according to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

here is much uncertainty about the origin of Friday, the 13th. Some speculate that it started because of Christ’s crucifixion fell on a Friday, and in conjunction with 13 people being present at the last supper, Friday the 13th became an unlucky day. In modern times the day is unlucky to some, while just a superstition for others. It is a day associated with accidents, strange occurrences, and mishaps. Normally it is believed unlucky to have a black cat cross your path, but if this happens on a Friday the 13th then its unlucky effects are intensified. There have been studies on hospital admittances on Friday the 13th’s versus other Fridays, these studies have had mixed results. As far as going to the conclusion that women befall misfortune on this day more than men. None of this is to be taken at face value.

Haunted Houses have been known to have special openings for this day only. Nightmare on 13th for example had a special opening on Friday, June 13th and coming this February, Friday the 13th the haunted house will be open. This just goes to show that people like spooky and scary things in their lives at times other than Halloween, and many wish that haunted houses open all year long. Perhaps we’ll never know where the origin of Friday the 13th came from, but we can do our best to celebrate it. We can do our part to make each day special, and this coming Friday the 13th come to Nightmare on 13th, and enjoy Delirium, Swamp Blood, and Haunted Hollywood.

Nightmare on 13th was rated #4 in the Nation by USA Today, the sets change every year and this could be your last chance to experience the Nightmares before they are changed forever. Bring a date, bring a friend, or come alone… we’ll scare you all the same.

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