Top 10 Haunted Houses In Utah

Discover the Top 10 Haunted Houses in Utah: Unveil the Scariest Haunted Attractions

When it comes to spine-chilling thrills and heart-pounding scares, Utah offers some of the best haunted houses in the country. Whether you’re a local or planning a visit to Salt Lake City or Utah in general, these top-ranked haunted attractions are sure to deliver the ultimate fright. Here’s our list of the top 10 haunted houses in Utah, guaranteed to give you a hauntingly good time.

1. Nightmare on 13th – Salt Lake City, Utah

Ranked as the #1 haunted house in Utah, Nightmare on 13th is a must-visit for thrill-seekers. Located in the heart of Salt Lake City, this haunted attraction boasts over 35 years of terrorizing visitors with its elaborate sets, intense special effects, and terrifying actors. Spanning over 36,000 square feet, Nightmare on 13th features multiple themed areas that transport you into different realms of horror. Whether it’s navigating the dark corridors of a haunted mansion or escaping the clutches of grotesque creatures, every turn promises a new nightmare. Named one of America’s scariest haunted houses, Nightmare on 13th promises a night of unforgettable frights.

Institute of Terror – Nightmare on 13th’s second attraction

In addition to the main haunted house, Nightmare on 13th also offers the Institute of Terror, a second attraction that delves into the sinister world of an insane asylum for the criminally insane. Here, visitors will encounter horrifying experiments and deranged doctors, nuns, and patients in a setting that combines high-tech scares with psychological horror. The Institute of Terror is an immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of fear, ensuring that even the bravest guests leave trembling.

2. The Haunted Forest – Provo, Utah

Coming in at number two is The Haunted Forest in Provo, Utah. This top-ranked haunted attraction offers a unique experience, as it takes place in a real forest. The natural setting adds an extra layer of fear as you navigate through dark, eerie woods filled with horrifying surprises. The Haunted Forest is known for its immersive storytelling and high-quality scares, making it one of the scariest haunted houses in the state.

3. Fear Factory – Salt Lake City, Utah

Fear Factory, located in Salt Lake City, is another top-ranked haunted house you can’t miss. Built on the site of a former cement factory, this haunted attraction is filled with real-life history and ghostly legends. The multi-level haunt features over six buildings of sheer terror, including underground tunnels and sinister industrial spaces. Fear Factory’s reputation as one of the best haunted houses in Utah is well-earned.

4. Castle of Chaos – Salt Lake City, Utah

Castle of Chaos is a perennial favorite among Utah’s haunted houses. This top-ranked attraction offers multiple levels of fright, including an “extreme haunt” for those looking for the scariest experience possible. Located in Salt Lake City, Castle of Chaos features detailed sets, professional actors, and interactive elements that will keep you on edge from start to finish.

5. Asylum 49 – Tooele, Utah

Located in an actual abandoned hospital in Tooele, Asylum 49 is one of Utah’s most terrifying haunted attractions. This haunted house is known for its interactive scares, where visitors can be touched, grabbed, and even temporarily “abducted” by actors. Asylum 49’s unique approach and authentic setting make it a top choice for thrill-seekers looking for a genuinely frightening experience.

6. The Haunted Circus – Orem, Utah

Step right up to The Haunted Circus in Orem, Utah, for a night of terrifying fun. This haunted attraction combines the whimsical elements of a circus with the dark and eerie atmosphere of a haunted house. With creepy clowns, sinister sideshows, and spine-chilling performances, The Haunted Circus offers a unique and memorable fright experience.

7. Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus – American Fork, Utah

Another circus-themed haunt, Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus in American Fork, Utah, is a top-ranked haunted house that offers a blend of horror and entertainment. With over 29 trailers of terror, this haunted attraction is designed to disorient and scare even the bravest visitors. The intricate design and terrifying actors make it one of the best haunted houses in Utah.

8. The Haunted Hollow – Ogden, Utah

Rounding out our list is The Haunted Hollow in Ogden, Utah. This haunted attraction takes place in a sprawling outdoor setting, filled with creepy characters and terrifying scenes. The Haunted Hollow is known for its detailed sets and immersive storytelling, making it a top-ranked haunted house that delivers plenty of scares.

9. Thriller Park – Provo, Utah

Thriller Park in Provo, Utah, is an immersive experience that combines elements of a haunted house with thrilling rides and attractions. Known for its detailed fantasy and horror-themed environments, Thriller Park offers a unique haunted attraction that engages visitors in an interactive storyline. The park’s attention to detail and engaging actors make it a standout destination for those seeking a different kind of scare.

10. Nightstalkers – West Jordan, Utah

Located in West Jordan, Nightstalkers is a haunted house that takes you deep into the darkness. This top-ranked attraction features a maze of terrifying rooms and corridors, each filled with horrifying surprises and eerie atmospheres. Nightstalkers is known for its intense scares and creative themes, making it one of the best haunted houses in Utah.

Whether you’re in Salt Lake City or exploring other parts of Utah, these haunted houses offer the best in spine-tingling entertainment. From the #1 ranked Nightmare on 13th to the eerie Haunted Forest in Provo, each of these top-ranked haunted attractions promises a night of fear and fun. Get ready to experience the scariest haunted events Utah has to offer!

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