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Two Friday The 13ths In A Row

Posted on 3/1/2015

Two Friday The 13ths in a row. No, this isn’t a dream. It’s a beautiful nightmare! The ghosts and ghouls of Nightmare On 13th are always up for some superstitious mayhem and Friday The 13th is Halloween come early for us! We love this double dose of trouble so much, we wanted to know all about it’s occurrence.

Once every eleven years, the world encounters two Friday The 13ths in a row. Within the year in which this occurs there are a total of three (the maximum for one calendar year) in the months of February, March, and November. No other year contains consecutive Friday The 13ths and they never occur in any other months of the year.

Along with all this, March 13th coincides with a full moon. Many consider this to be an omen of sorts. But whether you take it as good or bad is a decision all your own.  Do you find this eerie?  Or are you ready to howl at the moon with excitement? Share this post with your friends and hear their reactions!

In honor of consecutive Friday The 13ths it seemed appropriate that Nightmare On 13th, Utah’s #1 Haunted House opened our doors for one night only each month to give you all the fright of your lives! We’ve got some new and exciting rooms to share. Don’t miss out March 13th 7:30 PM- 11 PM. Get your tickets now and skip the line!