Our separate Attraction, X-Scream, is back with all new scares and sets! This year it is a VIP Exclusive, meaning you can only get in if you buy a VIP TIcket! We stayed true to Nightmare roots and took a NO touch, hands off approach and it is scarier than ever!


What is X-scream

A separate VIP Exclusive attraction that is more intense and interactive with all new scares this season.

Will I be touched?

NO!! We do not touch customers at all!

Can I buy a ticket separate?

No, you must purchase a VIP ticket to the main haunt in order to get into this attraction.

Where is X-scream located?

We created a new space just for this attraction that is located inside the same building as the main haunted house. No we didn’t take space from the haunted house.

Is this part of the haunted house?

It is located in the same building but is a separate VIP Exclusive Attraction.

How much does it cost?

It is included in the purchase price of any VIP ticket, it cannot be bought separately on its own.

Do I have to wait in line again?

If you have a VIP Red Carpet Pass or a VIP Skip The Line, then no, you will get put right in. If you have a VIP FastPass, yes, there is a separate interactive line experience for this VIP Exclusive Attraction.

Is it scary?

Yes! But we’ll leave that up to you to decide…

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